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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Letter to Abby

My little girl is about to turn three here in a few months. I want to cry a little thinking about it. It's so neat looking back over the past 3+ years of God giving her to us. I had no clue that I wanted this little girl, but now I could not imagine life any different.

She's got this duel personality. A public one and a private one.

In public she is: sweet, sensitive, timid, compassionate, loving, caring, gracious, and kind.

In private she is: funny, loud, boisterous, sweet, naughty, arrogant, self-centered, bossy, cuddly, and loving.

God has created her for such a unique person. Born the oldest, but two years later becoming the baby. People often ask us if we regret changing the "birth order." Never. God wants her just where she's at. I love you sweet Abby girl.


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